《光之塔》是一部由纪柏舟执导,动画 / 短片 / 家庭 / 奇幻主演的一部台湾类型的电影,文章吧小编精心整理的一些观众的影评,希望对大家能有帮助。

  《光之塔》影评(一):The light tower will aways bright

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  The light tower will aways bright

  Whenever I get gloomy, with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate, at the harbor of my home town. General opinion’s starting to make out, that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don’t see that. Beside, seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it’s not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it’s always there. Love between fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. If you look for it, I’ve got a sneaky feeling you’ll find, that love actually is all around. In Ji Bozhou’s film, The light tower, this theme of love and duty cycle between father and son is portrayed in several different ways and is a unifying theme of the story. In the story, father and son both are involving those around him and within his own mind, to depict the epic love cycle in The light tower.

  On the surface, this film shows to us the love between father and son. Children in a family will grow elder day by day. On another hand, at the same time, their parents are getting older. No matter how far the children reached. Their family will always be the harbor in their hearts. Moreover, parents will always be the light tower for their children and give them guild no matter the light tower bright or not. Then, the children become to be parents, they like their parents as a light tower shining their children as the winter followed by spring.

  Clearly the film is interested in love and duty cycle because the central event of the film is father getting older and the son become a father and carries on the duty of his father. At the beginning of the film, the father always lit the light tower and played a piano with son. At the ending, the son played the piano with his old father and then, the father passed away. After the death of his father, the son lit the lit the light tower by his own and taught his son to play piano. I, if offered an opportunity to put forward a different idea, would like to state that I consider it is a cycle of love and duty because the film stars with the father teaches his son how to play a piano and ends with the some scene except the son become a father. To a certain extent said, it is an extension of life. Parents always affect us through their behavior. To be specific, some people said parents are the first teacher of their children. They take care of us as worm as the fire in light tower and guide us the right way as bright as light tower. As a boy grow up and become a man. He should carry on his duty and be a light tower of his son.

  Most of the scene in the film concerns the change in the boats that the son takes each time. At the beginning of the film, we can see a small boy rowing a tiny wooden boat. However, with the growth of the boy, the boat becomes bigger fromname_value a wooden boat to the cruise ship. These changing boats represent the son getter older and the duty on son’s shoulder becomes more onerous. Therefore, he could spend less time with his father like the pattern that distance and time the boats can go for. As far as am concerned, the son should fight his way. However, the cost is the time with his father. The relationship between father and son simply means the fate in the life is father looking figure of son tapering off constantly. His figure tells you, feeling Reluctant is not necessary.

  The film is also anxious about the light in the light tower to change – specifically, at the first, the light tower does not have light when the kid was at home. After the son set sail for his adventure, father light up the light tower and we can see an orange fire in the light tower. Since the son went to ocean, the light in the light tower become bright and shine. However, the light became strange purple light when the father passed away. Filly, the boy saw his newborn baby. He lit the light tower again. Back at one, the light return worm orange. In my opinion, the orange light is like thriving vitality and the best wish fromname_value father. Afterwards, the light turned bight white which is the color full of strong visual sense. The reason that director Ji Bozhou uses this strong color is the son set sail to the ocean and the function of light tower is guide the son. Therefore, father should need to provide more vigor in order to take care of his son as the bright light for the ship. At last, the father passed away, the fire in the light tower became weak. It is the symbol of the father’s life goes by. Finally, the son took on his father’s duty of care the light tower. The light returns worm orange. It symbolizes the reincarnation of love and responsibility.

  After all, it seems, The light tower wants to let us aware the value of love and duty of a father. “There are two things that fill my mind with ever increasing the admiration and awe, the starry sky above me, and the love within me.” The words fromname_value Kant, an all-time great man fromname_value Germany, perfectly end my essay with the emphasis on the importance to aware the love among us and carry on this love in heart, not even mentioned such a fundamental virtue, appreciation and duty.



















  校内上其实太多标题唬爁的视频分享 若不是对lighthouse的执念 恐怕一辈子都与这个‘据说看过的人都会流泪’的短片无缘

  简洁明快素描写生般的画面 温柔的背景音乐 跳来跳去的小朋友 留着一撇小日本似的胡子的老豆 望着自己的小孩第一次远去 有点担心却又随即释然 眼泪自那个时候起 便再也没有停下来

  那日在机场 和同学一一抱过 问妈妈要不要抱下 被妈妈拒绝

  那日回家 爸爸来接我 踟蹰了一下 还是拍了拍我的肩膀

  爸爸抗着小朋友一路走回灯塔 背影滑稽的引人发笑 然后温柔的告诉你 如何温柔的对待钢琴 弹奏出那样温柔的音乐

  小船一天天变大 爸爸的背一天天弯了下去

  大四的一天爸爸来给我送钱 他走以后我却狠狠的哭了一个下午 朋友百般询问 才讲说 我突然看见我爸有白头发了

  真的如无数小说里的人物描写一样 是苍白了的鬓角

  日子一天天过去 终于到爸爸 已经无力再来拿信 无力再向远方眺望

  我很感谢作者没有搞一个恶俗的悲情结尾 看着一封封信从里面掉落出来 我也还是相信 故事不会完结

  床上的老父 还是笑了出来 看着自己的儿子

  再一次温柔的 骄傲的 弹奏一首曲子

  If I could steal one final glance

  one final step

  one final dance with him

  I’d play a song that would never, ever end

  灯塔的光渐渐微弱 老父亲倒在了儿子的怀里

  终有一日 我们也将为人父为人母 然后渐渐老去 然后回望自己的一辈子



  我只想父母 永远亮着那盏灯

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